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Excited for Robot Day!

2010-05-22 02:44:30 by Sifr

I've just read Tom Fulp's post and am duly excited for Robot Day 2010!

It's been a long time since I last became active in Newgrounds and I'm quite surprised that many things have changed. I've been passive mainly because I have a lot going on in my life and leisure has not been exactly a priority of mine these days. It's been a while since I've posted anything productive here and I'm hoping to get back on that saddle. I have tons of ideas just swirling in my head but just like in real life, I fail to execute. This year I'm hoping to change all of that, starting with Robot Day 2010.

Admittedly, I have nothing on robots at the moment; no stories, no art, nothing. Upon reading Tom's post, I noticed that new categories like writing and art are now recognized. Like a carrot on a stick I would use that as incentive to become active again. I will try to submit in all categories and hope to get at least one through. Movies and games would take up a lot of time to make, it's a good thing the post about Robot Day was made very early. As a former engineering major, now a computer science-major I think I could think of an idea before July 9, at least I hope to. More importantly, I'm really hoping for quality entries to be submitted and that the prize winners would be the ones who are deserving of them. Entertainment, of course, should be the number one priority! ^_^

Excited for Robot Day!


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