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Okay so this is my first try at Blender. The model was done for a combined 23 hours and the animation was done in less than a day. For my 3D Modeling class.

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Comments are welcome. :D

Alas, Robot Day has arrived and I have failed to finish even one of my submissions. That's the risk I took when I started with such an ambitious endeavor. Regrets? I have none of it. It has been a very creative month for me but because of academic-related tasks, I have failed to focus on finishing extra curricular activities. Maybe next year. Happy Robot Day everyone!

Excited for Robot Day!

2010-05-22 02:44:30 by Sifr

I've just read Tom Fulp's post and am duly excited for Robot Day 2010!

It's been a long time since I last became active in Newgrounds and I'm quite surprised that many things have changed. I've been passive mainly because I have a lot going on in my life and leisure has not been exactly a priority of mine these days. It's been a while since I've posted anything productive here and I'm hoping to get back on that saddle. I have tons of ideas just swirling in my head but just like in real life, I fail to execute. This year I'm hoping to change all of that, starting with Robot Day 2010.

Admittedly, I have nothing on robots at the moment; no stories, no art, nothing. Upon reading Tom's post, I noticed that new categories like writing and art are now recognized. Like a carrot on a stick I would use that as incentive to become active again. I will try to submit in all categories and hope to get at least one through. Movies and games would take up a lot of time to make, it's a good thing the post about Robot Day was made very early. As a former engineering major, now a computer science-major I think I could think of an idea before July 9, at least I hope to. More importantly, I'm really hoping for quality entries to be submitted and that the prize winners would be the ones who are deserving of them. Entertainment, of course, should be the number one priority! ^_^

Excited for Robot Day!

Sleepwalking Dog

2009-03-07 04:20:36 by Sifr

LOL Bizkit

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Just goes to show that humans are not the only beings capable of dreaming. Run, doggie, run!

Legal Insanity - My thoughts regarding Madness

2007-09-23 01:11:03 by Sifr

First of all, we all know these 'Madness' characters that Krinkels has created. We all know them, we all love them (well most of us anyway). I've been reading the interview by DirtySyko in the NG Mag Devspot section (I really find that section of the website very interesting), and I thought to myself to make an article about my thoughts regarding the Madness series (partly because of the recently concluded Madness Day).

I'm a perceptive person, plus I have some time in my hands, that is why I decided to write this short somewhat philosophical piece about those loveable crosseye-faced characters.

To start off, (as stated in the interview) Krinkels made the Madness series out of Madness characters that he drew on his sketchbook. I believe that one's personality could be defined by what he does. In the case of Krinkels, the Madness characters may emphasize his simplicity, considering his original design (black & white and considerably easy to draw). I would attribute the lack of arms and legs to a sense of efficiency on the part of Krinkels. The hands and feet are the only appendages visible (I think) because they are the only [appendages] needed (hands to hold weapons/perform actions, feet to walk/run/jump). Even if he would say it's just part of the design, the mind works subliminaly all the time. Using Jebus as the enemy was explained in the interview, and maybe it is because of a sense of humor. Nothing/Nobody is ever one-sided, and only a person with a stable sense of humor have the willingness to exploit this. The use of a religious figure does not entail that Krinkels doesn't have a strong sense of faith, neither does it entail that he has a weak one.

Now that my analysis of Krinkels and the physical aspect of the series is done, time for my analysis of the entire series. Violence is an integral part of the world, as much as peace is. I believe that those two, go hand-in-hand; co-exist. But, violence is widely believed to have been misplaced in society, misunderstood by those who do not seek to understand a deeper meaning for it. Those who are ripe in mind have been exposed to it and has somehow warped their perspective of what is right and wrong, what is moral and immoral. This trend has been going on for years, and even those who seek to rid society of this mentality is inadvertedly causing a further rip to it. Violence is one of the prevailing factors in the Madness series, and who could blame Krinkels. Society sets the tone for our generation to behave this way. It is admirable however how Krinkels manages to insert some humor to this somehow meaningless violence much like most of the violent films that are in mainstream cinema and television. I have listed the actions of the Madness characters in the series and have provided my views on why those characters act that way (obviously it is Krinkels who manipulate the action, but why did Krinkels decide to let's say stab a character instead of shooting in a given instance). Although I will not include that here because it is way too long. Crosseye-faces were used because of two reasons for me. One, I believe is that everyone is a target and that no one is invulnerable from these attacks. The second one is that I believe that in the case of the random seemingly never ending goons is that, everyone is dispensible. They all look alike and just like most of us, they are just dots in a lattice that is bigger than any of them combined. The exception is depicted in the case of Hank, Jebus, the Clown, among others (who are represent the people who have left their mark in history, be it good or bad). Also, a crosseye does not express any emotion. This lack of emotion could be attributed to our own nature. We are so used to violence that nothing is new to us, nothing surprises us anymore in terms of the extent that violence can reach. I am sure that this not apply to all, I have seen many people who act big in the internet but when it comes down to the wire their act is simply an act. Bottomline, violence has determined this series and the fate of this series since the inception of time. It has never been written in stone, it has been written in our minds. Our minds work in mysterious ways and in no way is Krinkels' any different. He has been given the ability to express his imagination and he has exploited it. Most of us (including me) have commended it and others abhor it. Again, the mind works in different mysterious ways.

Mainly, Madness was about "nothing" but nothing is still something. Maybe it's just humor and violence but I see more to the series than just that. The potential for this series is not limitless, it is limited by the imagination of one Krinkels and countless of people who pay tribute and/or parody it. Even if it seems simple to do. Executing a Madness-styled animation is pretty hard to do (trust me, I've tried it). Hardwork does indeed payoff, in this case a following for Krinkels. Will this series end soon, or will there be moar? It is up to Krinkels to decide but then again we have hands, and maybe time to learn and attain the skills needed to carry the torch. Madness won't be legendary, it won't leave a huge mark in history but it will exist and it will be known. Being known is not as glorious as being immensely famous but it's a start. Being known is the only thing that others strive for, what others yearn for, more importantly - what others live (and die) for.

That's Madness!

Krinkels' Website

[The picture below is of Krinkels (which HE made and a Madness character beside him that he probably made as well, I have no rights to this picture whatsoever]

Legal Insanity - My thoughts regarding Madness

Is this thing on?

2007-08-25 01:06:55 by Sifr

Today I celebrate my 19th year on this planet, I just wanted to make my very first post before I leave the house to celebrate. I haven't been active the past couple of months in Newgrounds but I'm trying to catch up on lost time. Anyway, I've been around for a year and a half here and I've been meaning to submit flash submissions but I am hindered by three major things: 1. Hard to draw using a mouse!, 2. School work (I'm currently in college) and 3. I always get sidetracked, always. I'm not a n00b or anything in flash, if I would rate myself with 10 being the highest, I'd give myself a stable 5. With that out of the way, I am planning to submit my very first flash here as an entry for Madness Day 07. I'm really excited about it, and I really hope that most of you would like it. It's currently in pre-production, the plot is done and I am going to start on the graphics tonight. I hope I finish by September 20. I'll make it as kick-ass as I possibly can. I haven't given harsh reviews to anyone so I really hope that I don't get one, if I do I'll accept it with open arms if the review is justified. I have several projects in the works as well, all the stories are done (even the scene-by-scene). The only thing that's stopping me is that its REALLY hard to draw using the mouse, I guess many of you guys share the same problem. The premise/preview/tagline of the projects are:

1. Flash Series; Genre: Action/Fantasy; The world is overrun by nightmarish creatures, whose origins are yet to be discovered. The streets run red with the blood of the innocent, cries of anguish resonate in the walls. The survivors must make a stand if they wish to survive. Everything is on the line, nothing to lose and freedom to gain. What will they do?
Comment: I'm rushing this right now so I apologize if the plot seems cliche, this one has many twists in it.

2. Flash Short; Genre: Suspense/Romance; Man wakes up, goes to work, goes home, goes to bed. The next day Man does it all over again. One day, Man hits a bump in his life. Man meets Woman. Everything changes, everything.
Comment: HAHAHA I am laughing my ass off while writing this preview. I just can't think of a good one to introduce this story. This is relatively long fo a short so it might become a two part submission. This isn't actually a suspense story, like a suspense thriller rather this one is a Dark Romance. I did this story in one weekend and I gotta tell you this is one of my most hearfelt stories. I'm currently writing a script based on this for a short film.

Several others are currently "highly classified" but if anyone is interested in a collaboration I am really glad to contribute. Just to see my name mentioned in the writing credits would do, I won't even take the credit for the flash submission itself. I'm going to update my user page in the following days. I hope many users would spend some time to read this as I do with other user's posts. Peace and 1 guys!